Client Feedback

At HalcyonFT, continuous improvement and complete end-user satisfaction are paramount.

Known for our integrity, subject matter expertise, and personalized service, we take pride in maintaining an average 4.98/5.00 client satisfaction rating over the last eight years.

Case Study:
Reliability, Security, and Savings for a High-net-worth family

"A lot of tech companies forget that their basic premise is service. They’re talking about bytes and speeds, but at the end of the day they are a service provider. HalcyonFT has embraced a service focus while meeting our needs, and we’re very pleased." – Director of Operations

Case Study:
Salesforce Customization for Secure Information Management

"We would absolutely recommend Halcyon. If we had worked with anyone else, they would not have cared enough to put so much time and effort into the end product." – Project Manager

Case Study:
Stabilizing an Investment Firm’s IT Infrastructure

"In my mind, the Halcyon team is the strongest IT service provider that I’ve ever had. I believe 100% in the integrity of this team. This is the level of white-glove service that I was looking for. The value and peace of mind brought by HalcyonFT is immeasurable." – CFO

Case Study:
Streamlining Operations and Minimizing Downtime

"Every time I work with HalcyonFT, good things happen. As long as they keep doing what they say they will do, I will keep hiring them to do the job." – VP of Information Technology

Case Study:
IT Solutions for Compliance, Reliability & Cost-effectiveness

"HalcyonFT was strategic in our success. I don’t think we could have managed without them. Going with HalcyonFT was the best decision I have ever made as a CFO." – CFO

Rotating Quotes
"In my mind, the Halcyon team is the strongest IT service provider that I have ever had – I believe 100% in the integrity of this team." – CFO of Wealth Management Firm