Why We Give 1%

In supporting these causes, our goal is to encourage individuals to consider their unique ability and shared responsibility to make an impact. We seek to support organizations with shared values, such as:


Dedicating a collective energy to push the boundaries of what is believed to be possible and inspire newer, faster, and greater solutions through technology.


Cultivating dynamic systems and resilient environments that embrace change.


Facilitating a sense of value and appreciation for the contributions and talents of others; acknowledging the sum of our efforts' ability to impact the greater good.


Creating an environment that thrives on a shared work ethic and a character which thoughtfully chooses excellence at every opportunity.


Charities We Support

New York on Tech
New York, NY


To work with students, parent, schools, community organizations, companies and professionals to create pathways for students in technology.

What Makes New York On Tech Unique:

Offers three different programs for high schoolers and alumni to develop practical and applicable tech skills for the real world.


  • 91% of students agree that NYOT made them feel more prepared for a degree or career in technology
  • 100% of NYOT students received admission into a four-year college or university degree program
(AI Family Challenge)

Los Angeles, CA


To empower the world’s underrepresented young people, especially girls, through engineering and technology to become innovators and leaders.

What Makes Iridescent Unique:

Iridescent invites families to learn about AI technology and solve a problem in their communities using AI tools and can submit their project to the AI World Championship.


  • 7,500 people from 13 countries participated in the first year
  • Evaluations from MIT, WestEd, and Oregon State University found that after participating in Iridescent programs, students are more self-confident, better problem solvers, better entrepreneurs, more resilient, and more self-reliant. They even perform better in standardized tests.
Girls in Tech
San Francisco, CA
43 chapters in 32 countries


Girls in Tech (GIT) is a global non-profit that works to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and startups. We do that by educating and empowering women who are passionate about technology. As a result, we offer everything from coding courses to boot camps to hackathons and startup competitions no matter age or profession. It is Girls in Tech’s mission to support women with the access and community they need to succeed in tech.

What Makes Girls in Tech Unique:

A variety of 6 interactive programs from grant compeitions to workshops, all with the goal of fostering girls' tech skills.


  • Nearly 400 applicants participated in the 2018 AMPLIFY competition for startups with women founders
  • GIT hosts a FREE online program to teach coding to girls and women
Hack the Hood
Oakland, CA


Hack the Hood is an award-winning non-profit that introduces under-resourced youth of color to careers in tech by hiring and training them to build websites for real small businesses in their own communities.

What Makes Hack the Hood Unique:

During 6-week "Bootcamps", young people gain valuable hands-on experience, build a portfolio, and learn about opportunities in the tech industry, as well as building critical technical, leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills with mentorship from staff and tech professionals working in the field.


  • Over 500 youth have enrolled or graduated since 2013
  • 31 completed bootcamps
Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies
Santa Ana, CA


The mission of the Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS) is to guide high achieving, economically disadvantaged high school students interested in pursuing a career in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.

What Makes AISS Unique:

We focus on teaching our scholars Cultural Capital and Life Skills, College Readiness, and STEM Career Awareness. To shape our students' personal, professional, and educational development, we host STEM guest speakers, teach networking and communication skills, create student excursions to college campuses and STEM career facilties, hands on STEM projects, and much more.


  • AISS students have a 100% high school graduation rate
  • 100% of AISS Students attend college
  • 99% college graduation rate
Mission Bit
San Francisco, CA


Mission Bit strives to eliminate the tech divide for youth living in urban poverty and rural areas across the San Francisco Bay Area by building computer programming and professional opportunity pathways for public school students. We provide everything the students need, they just need to show up and be eager to learn. No prior experience required.

What Makes Mission Bit Unique:

Mission Bit runs free computer science programs that are free for public school students, project based, taught by professional software engineers and tech entrepreneurs, integrated with industry experiences and offer professional advancement opportunities.

We give students the opportunity to learn directly from successful engineers and entrepreneurs who enjoy sharing knowledge. We focus on project-based learning and aim to teach both core computer science concepts, as well as the practical skills and technologies that are required to build web sites and applications today.


  • Plans to provide 100 students with paid internships in the tech industry this summer, where students learn firsthand from others in the field.
  • 100,000 high school students across the Bay Area have no access to coding education. Mission Bit students not only learn game design, web design, and mobile app development, they gain skills in leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving.