The Path to Innovative Technology

HalcyonFT leverages decades of experience in the financial services industry to anticipate the technology needs of new and established firms. HalcyonFT delivers innovative solutions that maximize reliability and data security in an ever-evolving technology landscape.


Exceptional IT service delivered by a proactive user and infrastructure support team.

        • Desktop PC support
        • Infrastructure & network support
        • Cloud architecture management
        • Application software support
        • Strategic CTO-level advice
        • Disaster recovery plan or fully developed business continuity plan


Comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for new infrastructure and application needs, always within the scope of project budgets and deadlines. Oversees all purchasing, installation, configuration, and management of new projects to reduce company risk and relieve internal resources.

        • Application selection and implementation
        • SEC and FINRA compliance technology
        • Project management
        • IT infrastructure consulting
        • Cybersecurity audits and policy creation
        • Disaster recovery infrastructure that protects against local and geographic disasters


Our quick-start template and methodology provides expert evaluation of cybersecurity risks and efficient implementation of cybersecurity solutions.

        • Expertise in cybersecurity best practices for investment firms
        • SEC and NIST cybersecurity framework gap analysis that includes vulnerability and penetration testing
        • Develop and maintain cybersecurity policies and infrastructure
        • Cloud-based employee security awareness training and compliance
        • Virtual chief information security officer service (“vCISO”) for outsourced IT clients
        • Cybersecurity risk and expense reduction for Private Equity portfolio companies


Comprehensive review of technology for mid- to large-size portfolio companies seeking to identify and implement cost reduction initiatives. Includes an in-depth analysis of technology risk and opportunity within potential and existing portfolio companies.

        • Technology review of mid- to large-size portfolio companies
        • Identify and implement cost-cutting initiatives
        • Grow EBIT of portfolio companies within 1 year
        • Identification of cost savings in print, telecom and IT infrastructure
        • Shared saving pricing structure
        • Cost contingent on actual savings